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  • in Comfort upgrades, Home Improvements

    5 Effective Home Comfort Upgrades for Homeowners

    If there’s one thing that all of us want to feel inside of our homes, it’s comfortable. And comfort doesn’t just come from the security features that we have or the kind of furniture that we purchase. It also has to do with the temperature inside the various rooms of our house – especially during...
  • in Farm and Garden, Home Improvements

    Top 10 Reasons to Shop at a Farmers Market

    1. Freshly picked, in season produce is at its peak in flavor and nutrition.  Check out the Seasonal Produce Guide to learn what fruits and vegetables are in season. 2. Support your local farmers and economy. You can help new and smaller farmers be successful and save farmland in your area. The Economic Research Service provides an&n...
  • in Home Improvements, Interior Design

    Trends 2021: what’s relevant in this year’s interior design?

    Home is the most important place in the life of any person. Here we relax, work, gain strength, spend time with loved ones and raise our children. Of course, when arranging such a significant space, you should first of all be guided by your tastes and preferences. However, if you, like us, are inspired by...
  • in Home Improvements, Landscaping

    Why Landscape Design is Important?

    Landscapes give a beautifying touch to a property. Be it a residential area or a commercial complex, landscapes have always been the center of attraction. Proper landscape design has gained importance in the past few years, especially considering our Mediterranean climate. Landscaping is much more than the beautification of the yard, it i...